A Letter from Tony Martin

A Letter to Mark Davis

A response Mark Davis received after writing to Tony Martin in late 1994.

Mark, Hi,

Thank you so much for your letter, it’s great to know that I have some friends out there in the states. Although we toured there recently, and made a few more friends, there are still those who cannot, and probably never will, accept that Sabbath lived on after Ozzy left.

People have to realise that Sabbath is a living, changing beast that will adapt to whatever environment it is in. Therefore every person that has been a member of the band, has an important part to play in the bands history.

It will continue to move on into the future, untill it becomes impossible for it to go any further, and that won’t be anything to do with line up changes. I was dissapointed when Geezer left too, I enjoyed working with him and Bill Ward very much, But I’m afraid that Geezer’s management made it impossible for him to continue. So Sabbath moves on again, we have reformed the line up of the Headless Cross album, Tony I, Cozy Powell, Neil Murray, Geoff Nicholls AND ME. We are writing the new Sabbath album and SQ .far it sounds really good.

There is no 2nd Tony Martin solo album as yet, when my record company (polydor) found out I had rejoined Sabbath, they stopped my deal.

There was a video but it has been scrapped. And my throat problems were temporary, the sort of thing that singers usually suffer from on the road. Some would say too much of everything, as if they never did !!

Mark thank you once again for your your support, take care and spread the word.


NOTE: The date on this article is not indicative of the true date of publication.  This was from “late” 1994, Dec 10th was just a random date pick to have SOMETHING in the database.


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