Various Black Sabbath Updates

A few random news items I picked up.

  • The Forbidden tour is definitely over, and no new dates are planned for the Forbidden tour. The word I get is that the band will return shortly to the studio to begin work on a new album. More info when I get it.
  • Tony Iommi is doing a song for the forthcoming Shadows Tribute Album.
  • Personnel for the next album is unknown, but the word is that it will be the lineup of Iommi/Martin/Nicholls/Murray/Rondinelli. I cannot get confirmation or denial of the rumour that Cozy Powell will return for the next album.
  • Black Sabbath is supposed to be releasing an official Greatest Hits album in 1996 called “The Sabbath Stones”. Release date is unknown. A tentative track listing is: Headless Cross, When Death Calls, Devil And Daughter, The Sabbath Stones, The Battle Of Tyr, Odin’s Court, Valhalla, TV Crimes, Virtual Death, Evil Eye, Kiss Of Death, Guilty As Hell, Loser Gets It All, Disturbing The Priest, Heart Like A Wheel, & The Shining.