Black Sabbath & Rob Halford

This is what I’ve found out about the two current situations with Black Sabbath. Regarding Rob Halford.. Sabbath management has said that Tony Iommi has spoken with Rob Halford (and Glenn Hughes for that matter) in regards to working together. The same person who told me this also has said that Tony Iommi is very eager to do a solo project, so I would assume that this is all for a solo project. With Sabbath putting out a greatest hits album this year (it’s called ‘The Sabbath Stones’ and covers from Born Again to Forbidden), and with Sabbath needing a new record label, now is the time for an Iommi Solo project. He gets along really well with Tony Martin from what I’m told, so I see no reason to end that, and Martin is a damn good vocalist too. His range is astounding. (Someone had a discussion with me about 3 months ago about Tony Martin’s vocal range, and whoever you are, you convinced me!). Anyway, this is the news as I see it for now regarding Rob Halford, IRS Records, and 1996 Black Sabbath