Rob Halford NOT in Black Sabbath

Band management, plus Pete Scott and Alexander Rack all say that Rob Halford is not joining Black Sabbath. The Halford involvement is for either an Iommi solo album, or some sort of Iommi/Halford project (like the Coverdale/Page project). I’m told that Iommi is in the pre demo stage now for new material for both a Sabbath album and a solo album. Still no word as to a new record label for the band, though.
Sabbath Stones has been released in Europe from what I can tell. However, I can’t tell if it is to be released in the USA or not. If anyone finds it as a domestic USA release, please let me know about it!
Also, I’ve heard from two separate people in Brazil that Black Sabbath is slated to play there on May 15, 1996. If anyone has any info regarding this show, why they’re doing it, and more importantly, who is playing in the band, please let me know!