I’m not quite sure what to make of this, but it would appear that the Iommi/Butler/Osbourne who will be reuniting as Black Sabbath for Ozzy’s OzzFest did not even ask Bill Ward to be a part of it. My source for this is Bill’s himself. If you want to hear what Bill had to say recently regarding the situation click here for a Real Audio 3.0 file of Bill Ward talking about the Black Sabbath OzzFest "Reunion" 97.

This interview was done by Michael Stark, and if you’d like to visit his home page, go here. He’s got some good stuff here, including Bill Ward & Ronnie Dio talking about Jeff Fenholt, and some other cool sound bytes from Black Sabbath history.

I will be updating the Tour Dates Page shortly once I get some confirmed tour dates for the OzzFest appearances of Black Sabbath. As a side note, I’m told that the set Sabbath will play will only be about 30 minutes. Please take this with a grain of salt, I cannot confirm this at this time. Once I get some more solid info, I’ll let you know.

I also moved some of the old news from this page off to my archives to conserve loading time for this page. :)