This past week, based mainly on something Howard Stern said on his morning radio show, it would appear that Black Sabbath may reuinite and play some shows at Ozzy Osbourne’s "OzzFest 97". If you want to hear a Real Audio 3 file of what Howard Stern said, click here.

That said, the rumours say that it won’t be a full Mk I reunion. Rumours say that Bill Ward will not be involved, and that Sabbath will consist of Tony Iommi / Geezer Butler / Ozzy Osbourne / Mike Bordin (Faith No More). If you ask me, it’s not much of a reunion w/o all four of them there. However, I will keep y’all posted if I hear anything definitive. I have queries in to Sabbath Management, the Fan Club Presidents, and Bill Ward’s Management. I will let you know when I hear something.

Update: I received an E-Mail from Pete Scott, who runs Southern Cross, the newsletter of the Official Black Sabbath Fan Club UK. He got an E-mail from Black Sabbath management confirming that Iommi, Butler, & Osbourne will play as "Black Sabbath" during this summer’s "Ozzfest". The lineup will be as above. Here is the text of the E-Mail that Pete sent me:

BSFC E-News 4, 17th March 1997.

REUNION – It’s true!

Yes, all the rumours you have no doubt been hearing about a possible Black Sabbath reunion are true. Unfortunately these plans do not include Bill Ward, but Tony, Ozzy and Geezer will play as Black Sabbath on the ‘Ozzfest’ tour of America.

Although nothing is confirmed it is planned for Black Sabbath to play a 30 minute set as part of Ozzy’s festival tour. Plans are not finalised yet, as isn’t the running order of the bands (although how can anyone follow Black Sabbath?!) but it is likely that Ozzfest will be 20 dates.

Unfortunately the UK and Europe will miss out on this extravaganza – but if it goes well… who knows.

As the tour is Ozzy’s the final dates should be well publicised – so when you find them out let me know!

More news as it becomes available…

Pete Scott