After the success of the recent Ozzfest tour, the original Black Sabbath will play two full-length shows at the NEC in Birmingham on December 4th and 5th.

Bill Ward wasn’t involved in Ozzfest, but if all goes well he will be playing these two shows in Birmingham.

Tony Iommi enjoyed Ozzfest immensely: "It was really good. I enjoyed the whole tour – I thought it was really good." But he is eager to get out and play a full set: "I would have liked to have gone on and played a full set. You know, Id have liked to have done a long set, as opposed to fifty minutes or an hour."

But weren’t we here four years ago (almost to the date!), so is it really going to happen this time? Tony Iommi: "Yes, absolutely. Well, weve already broken the ice now, weve already gone out and played. A lot of people out there want to see us."

Meanwhile Tony Iommi’s solo album is coming along slowly but surely, although with all that’s going on Tony doesn’t expect it out until after January next year.

See you in Birmingham!

From Joe Siegler:

Pete Scott, the publisher of the UK Black Sabbath Fan Club magazine, Southern Cross, has graciously decided to write news articles for my site. This entry was written by him, and several future entries will be, as well. I’ll still do something from time to time, but the bulk of the news wil come from Pete. Pete has ties to Sabbath management, so if Pete says it’s "official", then it is! :) Thanks again Pete for doing this! Pete’s site for his Black Sabbath fan club can be reached here.