Sabbath are wasting no time, the reunion shows at the Birmingham NEC on Dec 4th and 5th were recorded for a live album release; the band will all be present at the mixing which starts on Monday the 8th!

A photo shoot for the album artwork took place on Saturday the 6th at the Law Courts in Birmingham city centre.

With all this happening so quickly it may be the case that we will not have to wait long before these two memorable nights are available for all to hear. Please be aware that there is no set release date for the album yet. This means they’re only starting to mix the work, not that it will be released this week, this month, or whenever. When there is a release date, it will be posted here.

The two shows went extremely well, it definitely made all the difference that Bill was there; I don’t believe the same special atmosphere – both on stage and in the crowd – would have been achieved without all four being present.

The sight of Ozzy, Tony, Geezer and Bill linking together and taking a bow was a special moment indeed.

With everything going so well, don’t rule out future shows – but don’t expect anything until the summer.