It isn’t yet official but it is very likely that Ozzfest, with the original Black Sabbath headlining, will be held in the UK at Milton Keynes Bowl on June the 20th. Other European festivals are being looked into. Plans are also afoot for a full Black Sabbath tour of the USA (indoor arenas) in November.

Tony Iommi has been in LA since January working on the Black Sabbath live album and his own solo project.

It is hoped that the live album will be a double CD, and if all goes to plan Sabbath may get together to write and record two brand new compositions to be used as bonus tracks on the second CD. Expected release date is Sept/Oct.

Tony’s solo project continues apace with many ‘names’ making a contribution. Phil Anselmo (Pantera) has already added vocals to some tracks; Henry Rollins is scheduled to. Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins) has also been approached, and if time permits (he is busy recording the latest Pumpkins album) he too will guest on Tony’s solo album. Although progress is very good, all things considered it is unlikely that it will be released in 1998.