Sorry for the lack of updates folks. Here’s what I know for now. :)

There hasn’t been a whole lot going on other than the fact that Sabbath has been (they’re done now) on tour in Europe. Due to Bill Ward’s heart attack, Vinny Appice took over on skins for Bill Ward and the lineup of Osbourne/Iommi/Butler/Appice/Nicholls toured Europe. The band is on downtime again.

Ozzy himself is on Ozzfest 98 (we heard that Geezer turned up backstage at at least one of these gigs).

Bill Ward is home and resting comfortably after his heart attack. He’s expected to make a full recovery, and he’s slowly starting to build himself back up again.

Sabbath’s live album is due out October 20th. It’s a double live CD. The two titles I’ve heard are Reunion and Songs from the Black Box. Not sure which it will be. It will be from the Dec 97 NEC gigs, and will have two new studio tracks, Psycho Man & Selling My Soul. Personally, I would have liked the album to be called "Coming Home".

Sabbath themselves (Iommi/Butler/Ward/Osbourne) are expected to go out on an autograph tour in October, and then rehearse for a US tour starting in Nov/Dec and lasting into the new year. (This is not 100% definite, though)

Tony Iommi’s solo album is still progressing. All this Sabbath reunion stuff has gotten in the way of it having big work done on it. It’s expected now that it won’t be out until mid 1999 <sigh>. Also on the Iommi front, Tony’s official Web site is due to be online this week at

Bill Ward is set to re-release When the Bough Breaks shortly. It will have corrected cover art (the two roses one is an error), and the liner notes won’t require a microscope for you to read them. :)

No word on new studio albums by Ozzy or Geezer at this point, but they’re both writing for them.

More later once I get it. Sorry for the really long delay in updating. I just kept forgetting to do it – I promise the next update won’t take so long. :)