With the first new music from Black Sabbath in 20 years due out Oct. 20, diehard fans will be thrilled to learn that they won’t need to make a pact with Satan to meet their heavy metal idols_they will, however, need to make a deal with a local music retailer. REUNION marks the first official live album ever from the band, and will include two brand spankin’ new tracks, "Selling My Soul," and the album’s first single, "Psycho Man." To celebrate the album’s release, Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, and Bill Ward will be making their first in-store appearances ever as Black Sabbath. Beginning with New York’s Virgin Megastore at midnight on Oct. 19, the band is currently scheduled for eight appearances, although more are expected to be announced. They’ll also drop by David Letterman’s special Halloween episode_Sabbath’s first television performance in 23 years. While dates and venues have yet to be specified, a full-blown U.S. tour is scheduled to kick off on New Year’s Eve. Here are the Confirmed Black Sabbath in-store appearances:

  • Oct. 19 – Virgin Megastore (Times Square), New York, N.Y. (midnight to 3 a.m.)
  • Oct. 20 – The Wall (Neshaminy Mall), Philadelphia, Pa. (4 to 8 p.m.)
  • Oct. 21 – Tower (Newbury Street), Boston, Mass. (4 to 8 p.m.)
  • Oct. 22 – Camelot (Mentor Mall), Cleveland, Ohio (4 to 8 p.m.)
  • Oct. 24 – Tower (Downtown), Chicago, Ill. (2 to 6 p.m.)
  • Oct. 25 – Tower (Sunset), Los Angeles, Calif. (7 to 10 p.m.)
  • Oct. 27 – Blockbuster (Plano), Dallas, Texas (4 to 8 p.m.) – I’m probably going to be at this one as I live in Dallas.
  • Oct. 28 – Musicland, Minneapolis, Minn. (5 to 8:30 p.m.)

I DO NOT HAVE ANY FURTHER DATES. IF I HAD THEM, THEY WOULD BE HERE! Also, I don’t have any magic connection with the band, I can’t help you with further information beyond what I’ve posted here. I’m sorry to sound rude, but I’ve gotten a lot of Emails asking if I can get them up front of the line at whatever store or something. Sorry, I can’t help with that.