In support of the newly released album Reunion, Ozzy Osborne and original members of Black Sabbath Bill Ward and Geezer Butler (Tony Iommi won’t be there due to a prior committment.) are coming to Vancouver to enjoy an evening with their fans, take some pictures, and speak to the masses as 99.3 The Fox broadcasts the event live on the air in Vancouver, and around the world online. This even takes place Monday November 2nd, at 8PM PST.

Entrance will be limited to 250 contest winners, as well as approved media. The mass will take place at a church, somewhere in Vancouver, that will be transformed into a Den Of Darkness as the event unfolds and Black Sabbath arrives. Fox jock Jeff O’Neil will be the mediator for the interview and will take questions from the audience as well as via email. If you would like to send in your question for the members of Black Sabbath, use the email form on the page for this event.

For more information and the ability to email a question for Black Sabbath, please visit the Monday Mass Site today!