Still no replacement date for the Salt Lake City & Denver shows. They’re to be made up after the Detriot shows in the middle of February. Found out a few things last night..

  • The postponed dates were due to Ozzy with the flu, and Tony having pulled a muscle in his back (although it was more for Oz)
  • Vinny Appice is on the tour too. He’s not playing, he’s there "in case Bill craps out".
  • Vinny also hurt his leg, which is funny, because he’s not playing.
  • The guys are travelling by bus, not airplane. Apparently Geezer, Oz, & Tony like it that way; Bill doesn’t care how they go.
  • There’s a rumour that there might be another date or two added somewhere else in the US (I have no idea where) when they make up the Denver & SLC shows.
  • There are no plans for any dates outside the US at all beyond what is already listed.
  • After the tour is over, they "go home and work on solo projects". Nothing more is planned. At least not yet.

I also updated the Reunion Tour Dates Page with links to reviews of all the shows that have happened so far. I’ve got pictures from one show. If you have some pictures, let me know about it.

For anyone going to the Dallas show, I’ll be wearing a Forbidden T-Shirt, and blue jeans. :)