Well, I still haven’t gotten word from band management, but I did get two pieces of information (one being a phone call from a very good source) saying that Black Sabbath will be doing Ozzfest ’99. No word whether or not they’ll headline, but I would assume so. From what I can gather, this is the lineup:

Main Stage: Black Sabbath, Primus, Rob Zombie, Deftones (again?), Slayer, Godsmack, & System of a Down
Second Stage: Judas Priest, Nashville Pussy, Pushmonkey, Puya, Buckcherry, Flashpoint, Apartment 26, & Slipknot.

Slipknot is interesting because it includes the son of Geezer Butler (no name given on the info I got). Anyway, this looks interesting. I went to Ozzfest 97 strictly because of Sabbath, and didn’t go in 98. I’m curious to see Judas Priest, but I wonder why the fuck they aren’t on the main stage, I mean hell, they’re better than ANYONE on this bill except Black Sabbath. Anyway, I don’t have any direct info about dates, but this is what I read on a news story about it:

… This summer’s OzzFest — which kicks off May 28 in Florida and closes July 17 in Los Angeles …
… Guarracino (asst to Sharon Osbourne) said this year’s tour will likely play 25 dates in the U.S. before heading to Europe in late July or early August. "It’s a target audience of people who want to see this kind of music, which is why it doesn’t stray much from its focus," he said. "We’re just giving people who are into heavier music their outlet to see it." …

If you want to read more about this, check out this link I found. Once I get more concrete dates, I’ll be sure to post them on the tour dates page. Speaking of tour dates, I still have to put pictures and reviews of the dates for the Reunion tour that I haven’t. I know I need to do it, but I haven’t had the time of late to weed through all the reviews I’ve been sent. :)

One other thing… The news reports on this say that Sabbath will "disband" after Ozzfest. I think the use of the world "disband" is a bit liberal. I would say that I’d be "shocked" if this really happened. What’s more likely is that they’ll all go off and finish their half worked on solo projects, and then we’ll see what else might get released. :)