Well, the "Reunion" tour is done for now. The last word I got appears to still stand, which is these dates will be rescheduled at some point (Denver, Salt Lake City, Peoria, & Ames). As far as I can tell, nothing else will be rescheduled, which is backed by the bomb of Email I got in the last 5 days from people saying that Buffalo is officially cancelled, as the ticket people up there are giving refunds. I’m also getting word that the four dates listed above have also been officially cancelled to, but I still haven’t heard anything new from Sabbath management other than "they’ll be rescheduled". I’m still not 100% sure what to think about these dates yet.

I’ve also received word from another insider source that Tony Iommi and Val Iommi are to split up, which would validate the remark below about Tony being "engaged" to the guitarist from Drain STH. No concrete proof of this, but the person did tell me that Val was his fourth wife (he thinks).