You may have noticed that Black Sabbath was nominated for a Grammy Award recently for the song "Iron Man" off of their Reunion album. I find it amusing that Black Sabbath is even nominated, and for a 30 year old song, too. Yeah, yeah, I know it’s a recent print of it, but yeesh!

If you care, the Grammy Awards are next week on Feb 23rd. I’d be shocked if Black Sabbath won, and quite frankly, I don’t care if they do. It’s the same nonsense as the Hall of Fame. Do I really need an award or a plaque on a wall to tell me what tunes I like? Fuck no – Black Sabbath has never been about the awards or the accolades. It’s about stamping your foot, getting off on the tune – nothing more. Don’t care if they win or they lose. I’m probably not updating the site again until after the show is over, so if you want to see if they’ve won after the 23rd, check out the Grammy Awards Site.