Those of you who have followed my site for some time have known that I have taken quite some time to get all the tour dates online. Well, guess what? They’re all up now!!! I got off my duff and typed in all the tour dates I had for the Ozzy tours from 1970-1978. I had everything else since then, but it was the Ozzy tours I was missing. I now have them all online in my tour date section of the web site.

This is by no means meant to be a 100% accurate list. I’m not an idiot – I wasn’t at every Black Sabbath gig that was ever played personally, so I can’t 100% verify everything that appears here. However, if you have information about a date that’s not listed, or a correction, let me know. However, please have some concrete information available before submitting an addition/correction. Don’t just say "Oh, I think they played here, on this date. Have some proof of the date other than just "I remember it".