Last year, Black Sabbath released a concert video of their Reunion Tour entitled "The Last Supper". Well, if you haven’t bought it (or if you just want to watch it again), check out the US music channel VH-1 this Friday night.

They will be running a shortened version of the concert footage. The program is in a one hour time slot, and it ran longer than that – so some songs will be dropped. What they’re showing – I have no idea.

However, if you get VH-1 (I’m pretty sure the VH-1 in Europe isn’t carrying this – at least not now), check it out. Current scheduled air dates:

  • Friday March 2nd @ 11PM EST & PST
  • Tuesday March 6th @ 2AM EST & PST
  • Wednesday March 7th @ 2AM EST & PST

Confirm with your local TV guide information for further details – this info comes from the VH1 site & Yahoo’s TV listings.

If you’d like to purchase the video, you can do so either on NTSC VHS or a Region 1 DVD. (NTSC means North American VCR’s).