I got this info from Sharon Osbourne’s office yesterday when I spoke with them regarding the Ozzy album. I needed to confirm that I was allowed to talk about it first before I said anything, so that’s why this info is being divulged today. :)

Anyway, I had gotten several queries lately about the status of the "75 Live" album that was supposed to be released this fall. It’s been delayed. The reason why is that Divine Recordings’ Distributor (Priority Records) was bought out by Capitol Records and Sharon’s people are still waiting to hear what’s going to happen with their label (Divine) – whether or not they’re going to Capitol or if they can pursue a new deal elsewhere. I was told "It’s a lawyer issue now", and that it will be delaying the release of the album until the first quarter of next year – but I was assured that it will definitely be coming out; also it will not be called "Live in 75" – the exact name is as of yet unknown.

The material on this album will include all of the "Live at Last" album, as well as some of the Paris 1970 bootleg, and a February 75 Baltimore, MD bootleg – and to top it off some of the tracks from the old Beat Club appearances.

I wasn’t aware of all this extra stuff before I spoke with them – but it certainly sounds killer! More details as they come in.