There’s a wire story going around right now (here’s a local copy in case it’s expired) that quotes Ozzy as saying that the prospects of no new Sabbath music are likely. It’s getting a lot of carry on the news services, and I wasn’t even going to cover it, but I’ve gotten a bunch of panicy emails about it. Here’s my thoughts on the matter.

The word was originally that they were going to record this past September for possible release before the end of the year. That got shelved when Ozzy’s label insisted that he finish his solo album. Well, that’s coming out in a couple of weeks, and he’s doing promo and a tour for that. Obviously, it’s gonna delay Sabbath recording. This is directed at everyone who panics and thinks the sky is falling. "Oh god, no new Sabbath album!!!" I’ve heard NOTHING concrete to say that there still won’t be a new Sabbath record. Everyone seems to think that is the case just because Ozzy has to spend some time promoting a new album. Does that mean a new Sabbath record is a 100% lock? No, of course not – it could yet be cancelled, but as of this time, it’s not been. Furthermore, I’ve hearda lot of calls about Sharon O wanting to not make a Sabbath album. Look folks, Sharon Osbourne, despite what you may think of her is one thing – a smart business woman. If anything, she knows that a new Sabbath record (with her husband on it) will bring in a lot of $ for everyone involved, and there’s one thing a good businessperson does – is make money. Personally, I think this press release is a way to divert attention away from the clamor for a new Sabbath album so that folks will pay attention to Ozzy’s impending solo release – I still think they will record come next year. Everything I said above is as much news as I have on this issue.