Press Release:

The new album by Rondinelli, is not the result of four people deciding to make an album; it is an album, which needed to be made and four of the most respected musicians in rock music, were brought together to do so. This work is the brainchild of drummer Bobby Rondinelli, who is joined by an array of equally talented musicians – Neil Murray (bass), Tony Martin (vocals) and Teddy Rondinelli (guitar). Through different bands their careers have criss-crossed and as a result, a respect for each other’s talents has been formed. So when the concept was created for an aggressive hard rock album, with a rhythmic, bluesy and sometimes progressive feel, the choices for the band members were obvious.

Bobby Rondinelli, who is currently with Blue Oyster Cult, is one of the most noted drummers in the industry today. He is a drummer’s drummer, whose resume includes, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Quiet Riot, and Doro. In addition to critically acclaimed solo projects, Bobby has recorded with the Scorpions on their multi-platinum Love at First Sting, and toured with Aerosmith, when their drummer was ill. More than just a drummer, Bobby is also an accomplished author on drumming techniques.

To compliment Bobby and to complete the rhythm section, who else on bass, but Neil Murray? Neil gained his notoriety with Whitesnake, followed by Gary Moore, Black Sabbath and Brian May. Neil is clearly recognized as one of the premier bass players in rock music, ever – and his playing on this album will not only satisfy his loyal fans, but will surely convert new ones. A third veteran of Black Sabbath to join this line-up, is none other than lead singer Tony Martin. As Black Sabbath’s lead singer for eight years, Tony’s vocals lead some of their most heavy recordings including, Headless Cross, TYR and Cross Purposes to name a few. Tony was the obvious choice for this project.

But, the stirrer that mixes this hypnotic tonic is Teddy Rondinelli. Felix Pappalardi (ex-Mountain bass player, and producer of Mountain and Cream), chose Teddy as his lead guitar player for his new band, which was cut short by Felix’s untimely death. Teddy was also featured on the first Rondinelli album (with Ray Gillen on vocals) and has continued to master his craft. Think of the adjectives – heavy, technical, bluesy, melodic…, they all apply and this album will prove to be his signature work. This line-up alone, warrants any rock fan to give a listen. However, a word of caution, no matter how experienced a listener you are or what you’ve heard in the past, strap your seat belt on, because this will prove to be one wild ride.