In preparing today’s issue of the Black Sabbath Newsletter, I came across a submission from one of the readers saying that the new issue of Metal Edge Magazine is reporting that there will be a VH-1 Behind the Music for Black Sabbath. I’ve been hearing rumors of this happening for quite some time, but I’ve yet to see any hard news on the issue. I’m attempting to verify this with my news folks, so for the time being, let’s consider it a rumor still. :)

I’ve been pushing for one for some time, and like most people, I am hoping that the producers of the show spend more time on the non Ozzy years of the band than blowing it off in more than two or three minutes. There’s lots of people they could interview for this – hopefully we get more then Ozzy/Tony/Geezer/Bill. They of course will be covered, and deserve a great share of the time – after all those guys are Sabbath. However, there is more to Sabbath’s history and legacy than the original four, so hopefully the rest of the time gets at least more than a passing mention.