Got a quick news story that folks will be interested to hear. The "Live in 75" double live Black Sabbath album has a new name. Actually, it’s more accurate to say that it has a real name, as "Live in 75" was just a working title. The name of the album is now PAST LIVES.

I’ve also got a brief word on content. It will have some pics you’ve never seen before, some from 1969, some from later, will include a Black Sabbath guitar pick, and some other goodies. It’s got cool digipak packaging, as well as a second type of packaging (similar to what they did with Reunion, where there were two different types of packages you could get). Next time I talk about the album, I hope to have a tracklisting for you. As I write this, I just got off the phone with Sharon’s office, and from what they told me, it’s going to be totally killer stuff. Something every Sabbath fan will be into, I believe.

What else is cool is that it’s looking like it will be out before the end of the summer! Once I get a more concrete release date, or a way to order it, I’ll have more info. Believe me. :)