After posting the update earlier this morning, I got off the phone with Sharon Osbourne’s label, and got some details about Past Lives. Here’s what they told me:

  1. The release date is August 20th.
  2. There are two different styles of packaging.
  3. There are no (current) plans to release it on vinyl (which someone emailed me about over the weekend).
  4. Don’t know how "Limited" the Limited Edition is as of yet.
  5. Disc 1 is the already released "Live at Last" album, and Disc 2 is made up of tracks culled from various gigs from 1970-1978. I’ve posted a track listing on my Past Lives page.

I did inquire about the differences between the standard and the "Limited Edition" version, and was told that these three main differences comprise the "Limited Edition" version:

  1. Special Digipak packaging. Apparently, it’s not the standard Digipak packaging (like the kind that came with Reunion) – it’s something better, I’m told.
  2. A fold up Black Sabbath poster
  3. A Black Sabbath guitar pick.

I’ve also been told I will probably be able to get some free copies to give away (possibly before it’s released), so hopefully I can get final word on that soon.