A few months back, I had put out a call for questions you’d like to ask former Black Sabbath vocalist Tony Martin. Well, mostly due to my own delays in getting it coordinated, it never got dealt with until now. However, Tony got sent the questions finally on August 23rd, and he answered them back almost immediately – I had ’em back quickly, and they’re online now! Tony was very gracious with his time for this, and he covered many subjects including his solo album Back Where I Belong, the Sabbath reunion with Ozzy, other parts of the band’s history, the late Cozy Powell’s tribute concert – and many many other things! For those of you who sent in questions, take a look at the interview, maybe Tony answered one of yours!

I’m intending on this being a semi-regular feature of my site, having email interviews with various other Sabbath band members – at least those that I have contact with, anyway. :)