Earlier this year, Dio released a new CD, "Killing the Dragon". Dio went out on tour with Deep Purple and the Scorpions in support of it, and it was a great show, but when you have multiple bands like that, the sets are shortened. This fall, Dio will be touring on their own, and to commemorate the tour, a "Special Edition" of the Killing the Dragon CD is going to be released on October 22nd – it’s one CD. It has the same album that was released earlier this year, plus some additional materials. They are:

  • Fever Dreams Live (w/ Deep Purple)
  • Rainbow in the Dark (w/ Deep Purple)
  • The video for Push
  • A screensaver

I’m here with another giveaway – I’ve got four copies of the Special Edition of Killing the Dragon to give away. There’s no trivia contest this time, just send an email with your name and address to Please note that ANY EMAILS SENT ANYWHERE ELSE THAN KILLINGTHEDRAGON@BLACKSABBATH.COM WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE FOR THE CONTEST, AND WILL BE DELETED. The contest will run till Friday, October 4th. Please also note if you don’t include your address, your submission will be rejected. The reason for this is that when the contest is over, I want to get all the prizes out immediately, and if your address isn’t sent, I can’t do that. Please be aware that I do not save any of the information at all. It’s solely for the content, and once the contest is over, I delete all emails and address records, so there’s no worries about me "selling info" or any garbage like that.

Thanks to Rob over at Spitfire for helping out with this contest.