I’ve been really busy lately, and I’ve had a few giveaways stacked up that I needed to run. Here’s the first, I have a few more coming after this. I’m giving away three sets of the recent Black Sabbath Story DVD releases. If you win this, you’ll get both Volume 1 & Volume 2. I’m running one of my trivia contests this time. However, before you get the questions, I should make you aware of something. THESE DVD’s ARE REGION 1. This means that if your DVD player uses anything other than Region 1 discs, you will not be able to play this. Basically, this means that if you don’t use the US TV system, then you probably should not enter this.

Whoever answers the following four questions correctly will get put in a drawing to win. Here are the questions:

  1. Which Star Trek actress is in a Black Sabbath music video?
  2. Who was the first singer to replace Ozzy in Black Sabbath?
  3. Which Black Sabbath songs (performed by Black Sabbath) have appeared on movie soundtracks and what were they?
  4. How many official Black Sabbath albums did Bill Ward appear on?

Please send your answers to – Please note that ANY EMAILS SENT ANYWHERE ELSE THAN SABBATHSTORY@BLACKSABBATH.COM WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE FOR THE CONTEST, AND WILL BE DELETED. The contest will run till Friday, December 13, 2002.