I just got word of a new Ozzy Greatest Hits album to be released this year called "Ozzy Essential" (could be "Ozzy’s Essentials" – I’m unclear as to the exact wording). Anyway, it’s a double CD and covers all of his albums (except Ultimate Sin, which he has deleted, and seems to want to pretend never happened for some reason). The full track listing is available on the discography page I have set up for it.

I don’t have any more news on it at this time, but when I do, I’ll pass it on.

UPDATE: The album’s name is "The Essential Ozzy Osbourne", and is now available for pre-order on the discography page for it here. It’s going to be released Feb 11th, is a double CD, and the versions of the songs from Blizzard & Diary are the re-recorded versions. Cover art is also available on the discog page, as well.