Today seems to be the day for good Sabbath related articles to read online. We have three of them.

First off, let’s lead with a great news article about Bill Ward done by the St. Petersburg Times website entitled "Bill Ward: Ozzy he’s not". It talks about Bill’s internet release of Straws, his views on war, and other cool things you don’t normally hear from your average rock star. Check it out.

Second is a great link from which contains a chapter from the forthcoming book "None More Black: The Story of Black Sabbath 1980-present". This is a book that talks about a much neglected period of the band (basically anything after the 70’s era with Ozzy). The particular chapter linked to here talks about the story of the band playing Live Aid in Philadelphia in 1985. Check it out here.

Finally we have another from which is a great interview with Ronnie James Dio by Bill Kirby. This is actually Part II of the interview (Part I was online awhile back). This too is a wonderful read, Ronnie talks about a very wide range of subjects here from how he writes music, to his own perceptions of Dio the band, amongst other things. These two Dio interviews are some of the best things I’ve ever read. You must read them.

Check all these things out today, but don’t do it at work – you’ll be reading for awhile (unless you’re a speed reader). :)