I’d been getting several emails over the last month or so telling me that Black Sabbath will be headlining Ozzfest 2003. I had contacted both Sharon’s office, as well as Blue Flame (Tony Iommi’s management company), and they both denied Sabbath was on Ozzfest. Yesterday, the formal announcement came – Sabbath isn’t playing Ozzfest.

What’s going on with the long delayed new studio album by Black Sabbath? Who knows – but there was a small snippet of info in a news story yesterday about the Ozzfest announcement.

He (Ozzy) said a Black Sabbath reunion was not on the cards, though he and England-based guitarist Tony Iommi have been collaborating long-distance on songwriting.

IT’S BEEN EIGHT YEARS since the last Black Sabbath studio album. We’re WAY overdue. I’m starting to wonder if Tony should just put back the band as it existed in 1996 after the end of the Forbidden tour. It wasn’t as popular, but at least we got regular music. These delays are getting frustrating – speaking strictly as a fan.

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