A project that I’ve been working on for awhile now has been completed. Posted today is a major update to my tourdates section. With the help of Robert Dwyer of – I’ve updated an enhanced all of the tour date pages I have from 1970-1995. Robert’s site is probably the best source of live Sabbath information on the net, and putting his info together with what I had here already for tour info seemed like a good combination, so it’s done.

The format is mostly the same, but has been enhanced with things like album releases, significant gig notations, and more complete venue info, and all kinds of things like that. I’ve retained all my "tour memorabilia" things like ticket stubs, tour adverts and the like, but the main thrust here is the tour date info, of which the bulk of the work has been done by Robert. Major kudos goes out to him for sharing the info and helping out in exporting it from his database into my format.

Make sure and check out my tourdates section. And while you’re there, if you know of a tour date that isn’t there, submit it! I don’t claim to be the 100% accurate be-all end-all source of tour date info. If something’s wrong, I want to know about it. Also, if you have a tour advert, a ticket stub or something like that, I want to hear from you with it. Check out the tourdates section for more details on how to submit.

And of course, we can’t finish this story without a plug for Robert’s site. Go visit – Robert has tons of info there beyond just simple tour dates. It’s a wealth of info, and worth your time to read!