The mailing list has a new home – again. <sigh>

I’ve moved to Yahoo Groups – which I didn’t initially want to do, but the prospect of keeping the list free is what led me to go there. Accordingly, the signup page has been altered with new instructions on how to sign up and unsubscribe. I’ve sent out some test messages over the last week, plus one "regular" issue. If you haven’t gotten them, visit the signup page, and try signing up again with the instructions provided. When I moved from the old provider to the new one, about 600 emails were dropped due to various error messages when attempting to send emails. That sounds like a lot, but in all the time I was with the last host, NO email addresses got bounced, so this is probably the new system weeding out all the built up error msgs that never got dealt with. :)

Anyway, list submissions are still sent to and the unsubscribe/signup info is on the signup page. You can also visit the back issues archive here:

One other thing about Yahoo Groups. You do not need to join Yahoo to sign up for the list, and in fact, I have most of the features of Yahoo groups turned off because I have my own website, I don’t need their "group" structure – I’m just using them to mail out the list, and nothing more.