I also picked the winners for the previous giveaway today, too. First, here are the answers to the questions…

  1. Who was the primary opening act for the US Never Say Die Tour? (Answer: Van Halen)
  2. Bill Ward sung the final track on the Never Say Die album. What is the one other Black Sabbath song Bill Ward sung? (Answer: It’s Alright from the Technical Ecstasy album. Again, Bill did NOT sing Solitude – that was Ozzy. Furthermore, I wasn’t counting Blow on a Jug either – as that’s primarily "sung" by Ozzy).

And here are the winners…

  1. Jorge Ribeiro Neto (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
  2. Oliver Garus (Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada)
  3. Kevin Barnes (Stratham, NH)
  4. Michael Burock (United Kingdom)
  5. Christopher Cox (Colorado Springs, CO)