I’ve picked the winners of the previous giveaway for the free Ozzy Biography Book. Here’s the answers I was looking for, as well as the winners:

  1. What former member of UFO played briefly with Ozzy’s band? (Answer: Pete Way)
  2. What members of Black Sabbath (besides Ozzy) played in the Ozzy band? (Answer: Bob Daisley, Geezer Butler, Neil Murray, Don Airey, & Mike Bordin)
  3. While Tommy Aldridge & Rudy Sarzo are pictured on the original version of Diary of a Madman as having played on it, they didn’t. What other album did the pair join a band to replace a rhythm section that had just been let go? (Answer: 1987’s "Whitesnake" album)


  1. Jim Watson (Bulger, PA USA)
  2. Kevin Stankiewicz (Millville, NJ USA)