Dio DVD News

I just got word that the old Dio concert footage from the Sacred Heart tour (which was a great tour – I saw it back when it happened) is going to be re-released on DVD later this year. I’ve contacted Warner Records for further information, but in the meantime, this is what I have on it:
DIO ‘SACRED’ FOOTAGE TO BE ON DVD Warner Strategic Marketing will be reissuing the DIO “Sacred Heart” concert video from 86 on DVD later this year. It will also feature bonus footage including interviews with current band members RONNIE JAMES DIO, CRAIG GOLDY, SIMON WRIGHT and JIMMY BAIN. The band will discuss the “Sacred Heart” tour (for the members that were there) as well as the recent Stand Up and Shout: DIo Anthology CD release and the new album.
UPDATE JULY 7TH – I just got word that the release of this is unconfirmed. The record label has told me that a final release of this has not formally been decided upon yet. It may still happen, but I now have to file this under “rumour” until I get more solid word on it’s release.