Changes is Changed

The old Black Sabbath chestnut, “Changes” from the Volume 4 album has been covered by none other than Ozzy’s daughter Kelly. He first solo album was released a year ago or so under the name “Shut Up!”. It’s now been re-released under the name “Changes”. It’s mostly the same album, but with some extra tracks on it, one of which the Black Sabbath cover “Changes”.
The bulk of the new recording is done by Kelly with Ozzy as well on it. The lyrics are somewhat reworked. A lot of them are the same, but a lot of them are different as well. The new lyrical thrust of the song is about Kelly & Ozzy’s relationship with each other. I have to admit, I was in the camp of folks who heard that this was happening and said “WTF is this crap idea?” I have to say having listened to it, it’s surprisingly soulful, and Kelly does a respectable job singing dad’s old song.
You can check it out over at – the song plays in the background of the website (you have to have a Flash viewer to view the site and hear the song).