Never Say Die Book

I have a few notices about the Garry Sharpe-Young book, “Black Sabbath: Never Say Die 1979-1997”. First off, I haven’t gotten a copy yet, when I do, expect I’ll have a big review of it online. From what I’ve read of it already, it looks phenomenal. There is already a chapter online over at the publisher’s website, and I can now bring you a second chapter of the book here to read. I’ve actually had it for a week, but I was away on vacation, and didn’t get a chance to put it online until now. This is an exclusive granted to me (and Rob Dwyer’s site), so don’t go thieving it for your own site, eh? The chapter available here covers from the breakup of the Mob Rules/Live Evil lineup of the band through the hiring, tour, and departure of Ian Gillan and the Born Again album. I consider myself fairly knowledgeable about the band’s history, and just this snippet showed me a few things I wasn’t aware of before. I can’t wait to read the bits about Eternal Idol. :)
Also, there is a review of the book (I wasn’t aware it was actually out yet) over at a Sabbath Yahoo group. You can read the review online here. It talks about various chapters of the book, Jeff Fenholt, Ron Keel, and a lot of other “fringe” parts of the band’s history being covered here. I can’t wait to get this and give it a read.
This book does not appear to have US distribution at this time, so you will need to order it from Amazon’s UK site.
Don’t forget to read the site exclusive chapter of the book available here entitled “Spinal Henge”. It’s a great read, and bodes very well for the rest of the book being as good.