Cross Purposes Live Re-Released?

Over the weekend, someone pointed this out to me. Over on, they list a “Black Sabbath – Cross Purposes” DVD as being released on November 25, 2003. As you may know, back on March 1, 1995 – a VHS/CD box set was released, called “Cross Purposes”. There was a VHS video culled from the Cross Purposes tour, as well as a CD to go with it. Most of the Sabbath output on the IRS label (of which this was one) has generally been hard to find over the last couple of years. However, this is the first time I’ve seen that this is being actually re-released.
I have verified with Tony Iommi’s management company that this is indeed the same content that was on the VHS videotape released back in 1995. I was told this was put out “without the band’s knowledge or involvement”. However, the content is at this time being released, so for those of you who have always wondered about this concert video and could never see it, you can check it out by ordering this DVD (Region 1).