Winners of Book Trivia Contest

I’m sorry for the delay in posting the winners of my contests back in November. Lots of delays with the holidays and all that. Here’s the winning answers:
1. Q: What was the original name of the song “Seventh Star”? (The song, not the album)
A: Star of India
2. Bob Daisley & Eric Singer were the rhythm section on the Eternal Idol album. What other band did these two play in together?
A: The answer I was looking for was The Gary Moore Band. A few people said Bill Ward’s first album, but they didn’t play together. A few people also suggested “Stream”, but I don’t know of that connection, so I wasn’t looking for it.
3. Q: How many different members of Rainbow also played in Black Sabbath and who are they?
A: Five. Ronnie James Dio, Cozy Powell, Bob Daisley, Bobby Rondinelli, & Don Airey. Some said Craig Cruber, but I’m not counting that, as he doesn’t actually play, and was never really a member in the first place.
4. Q: Which Black Sabbath song was co-written by Eddie Van Halen?
A: Evil Eye from the Cross Purposes Album.
5. Q: Black Sabbath was well known for covering Deep Purple’s Smoke on the Water on the Born Again tour. They also played another cover song a few times on that tour. What was it? (It was NOT ELO’s “Evil Woman” as legend goes).
A: “Apache” by the Shadows.
The names of the three winners are:
* Bill Spies (Thornton, CO USA)
* Dylan Lieberman (Oakleigh, Victoria Australia)
* Travis Gerbig (Belleville, Ontario Canada)