Blacker Box

Ever since I first started talking about the Black Box set online, I’ve been asked if/when the remaining Sabbath catalog would receive such a treatment. I’ve said in the past that there are plans to remaster the remaining Sabbath catalog in a similar fashion, but work on that wouldn’t start until Black Box is out. It’s with this statement that I want to reference this story over at Blabbermouth news
Their story references my news story from last week about the Black Box cover art and release date. In it, they say this about the remaining Sabbath catalog… “As previously reported, a spokesperson at the management company of SABBATH guitarist Tony Iommi has confirmed that the remaining BLACK SABBATH catalog is slated for similar treatment later in 2004.” When I saw that, I contacted my own source at Tony’s management company, and he said this about the blabbermouth story..
“not so, at least 2005 before we get everything sorted.”
As I’ve said before, the remaining material will be released, but not this year. I also inquired about the availablity of all the oddball tracks that are floating around for the later albums (Some Kind of Woman from Eternal Idol, What’s the Use from Cross Purposes, Cloak & Dagger from Headless Cross, etc). No information as to the inclusion of these. Personally, I would love to see a cleaned up released version of The Eternal Idol with Ray Gillen on vocals, but that’s just my own personal “wish” for a set – I have NO information that even tells me that it’s a possibility. :) Oh, and the name “Blacker Box” is my own joke, I don’t have any news on a title or anything like that. :)