Future of Black Sabbath?

Recently I’ve been swamped and haven’t had a chance to update like I would. I have a ton of stuff to get through, and when I get backlogged, I don’t generally report on “old” news that happened, but this one is one I think I should. It’s a remark Bill Ward made back in early February. In it he talks about the new Sabbath album that was worked on in 2001. Here’s what he has to say about it..

BLACK SABBATH drummer Bill Ward recently gave an interview to the U.K.’s Rhythm magazine in which he discussed the group’s early years, his musical upbringing and SABBATH’s current status. Asked if there are any plans to make another BLACK SABBATH album, Ward said, “That would be nice. I’d like to. We certainly have enough material. At my house here, I have nearly 60 cassettes of new SABBATH songs we’ve worked on. It’s just stuff we churned out. [Guitarist] Tony [Iommi] and [bassist] Geezer [Butler] have the same amount of tapes. Tony comes up with these riffs, and like we always did, I tried some melody ideas, took them back to Tony, he would come back to me with ideas, same with Geezer. We’d be sending things back and forth. We just share ideas and that makes the songs work, like always. I just love it. I love them all and working with them is so easy. You just have to listen to Tony, see where he’s going, and he inspires so much. So we’d like to do another SABBATH album, but Ozzy’s [been] on tour. Geezer’s in the U.K. Tony is working on projects. We just have to just get together in the same room.”

I don’t have any info on what’s going on with a new Sabbath album. I’m convinced one will happen, but I don’t know when.