More on Black Box

The response to my review of the Black Box package on Friday has been outstanding. My web traffic has shot up almost 100% over the weekend (as if it wasn’t high enough already). I want to thank all who sent in feedback on it. I do have a few other things to point out.
1) There is a single out there from the Black Box package. It’s got Paranoid & Iron Man on it. It’s from the recordings for the Black Box set, so if you want to pick up a copy of this to give the new recordings a listen, it’s probably not a bad idea, as I’m told it’s going for $2.99 on CD. I have a couple of pictures of it below if you want to take a look and see what it looks like. I personally have not seen one with my own eyes in the stores; I had someone send me the one I have. I’m told it’s in Best Buy and WalMart stores here in the US, but I’ve not personally seen it. Other than that I have no specific information.

2) If you are planning buying this, please consider ordering it through via this link. The reason is that I get a small cut of the sale through, and any small bit helps to keep the site going. That’s not necessary, of course, but it would be helpful. ;)
Once it hits the streets tomorrow, I’d be curious to see what other folks who buy it think of the remastering work. If you’re not already on it, sign up for my newsletter, and drop the newsletter an email with your review of Black Box. Thanks.