Sacred Heart DVD Winners

Today I have the results of the recent Dio DVD giveaway. Here goes with the questions and the answers.
1) Which of these was the main stage prop on Dio’s Sacred Heart Tour?
a) Two suit of armor wearing warriors
b) Special drum riser
c) A laser eyed, smoke belching dragon
d) 6 inch high Stonehenge prop
The answer is C. The name of the dragon was “Murray”, although I wasn’t looking for that as my answer. In fact, I had forgotten that until someone sent it in as part of their submission.
2) What was the first Dio song released with Craig Goldie on guitar?
The answer is “Time to Burn”, which appeared on 1986’s Intermission EP. It was a studio track, and the rest of the songs on there were live with Vivian Campbell on guitar from shows recorded from the tour after the release of the Sacred Heart album.
3) How many Dio albums/EPs has Craig Goldie been on as a guitarist?
The answer is 3. I didn’t ask for names, but they are Intermission, Dream Evil, & Magica. He’s also going to be on the next one to be released later this year (no name yet), nor do I count the two Greatest hits albums Diamonds, & The Very Beast Of.
4) What other “alledged” former Black Sabbath singer has Craig Goldie played with outside of Dio?
That would be Jeff Fenholt.
5) Where was Craig Goldie born?
La Mesa, California.
The five winners of the DVD are:
1. Dave Kuntz (Covington, WA)
2. Carl Koski (DePere, WI)
3. Bill Spies (Thornton, CO)
4. David Martin (Tonawanda, NY)
5. James Paicopolos (Dartmouth, MA)