The “Ozzfest Announcement”

A couple of days ago a note went up on saying there was a “major announcement” to be made on the website. It was widely speculated that it would be an announcement that the headline act was no longer Ozzy Osbourne, but Black Sabbath. The announcement was finally posted this afternoon (as I write this, it’s been online less than 10 minutes).
It’s NOT about Black Sabbath. It’s about an unknown band. If you go to the Ozzfest news page, you get a link to download a 6mb QuickTime video file. It’s got the keyboard intro for Mr. Crowley playing, and there’s a bunch of TEXT. No video. Just TEXT. Anyway, here’s the text that is on the video.

We interrupt your Friday for a very important announcement
from the Prince of F**cking Darkness..
Do YOU have what it takes?
Are YOU ready for your shot?
I’m giving an unknown band an OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME
To Perform on the main stage at OZZfest 2004 before tens of thousands of people..
And to have your performance filmed and shown before a worldwide audience
Full details coming on Thursday May 20, 2004
God Bless.
Stay tuend to OzTV on

That’s it, other than some Ozzfest logos appearing. What’s the point of making folks download a 6Mb video file if it’s text only? Just to hear Mr. Crowley? I could play the same and get that. If it were Ozzy reading the text, then maybe I could understand making a video download of that.
So the big announcement today is not Black Sabbath playing Ozzfest. Will they play Ozzfest? I genuinely don’t have any info that says that – all I know are the rumours you’ve heard. If something changes, bet your ass I’ll announce it here. What’s more interesting is that there are two files available for download from the Ozzfest site. The one that is linked on their news page, and this one. The second one has a filename of – but no mention of Sabbath. I’m not sure where the second one was found, I found that link on blabbermouth, but the first one from their news page is what most people are going to find. What’s up with the thing being called Sabbathannouncent anyway?