Bush / Hitler Video removed from War Pigs, it would seem

I’ve specifically avoided talking about this issue because I do not want to turn my site and my newsletter into a political fiasco, however, I wanted to say this. From concert reports I’ve read, and an email I got from someone associated with the tour who wants to remain anonymous (I have no idea who it is, they’re using a free mail account), it would appear that the Bush/Hitler image from the War Pigs video has been removed. The other day Bill Ward came out on his website saying he wanted to distance himself from it, and there were a couple of reviews that mentioned said video. Today I noticed that there was a USA Today article that says “..was removed after complaints”. While I’ve not heard anything official from Sabbath’s camp about this, I’ll go with what was said here and say it was removed due to complaints. I offer no stance personally on this, just passing along news.