More Magazine Coverage

In addition to the Geezer Butler cover below, the current (September) issue of Guitar World is Black Sabbath related. It’s about Ozzfest, and there are actually two covers to this one. One about Judas Priest, and one about Black Sabbath. They’re both pictured here, and you can get them now at your local newsstands. Click on either thumbnail to see a larger version of the cover.
The latest Guitar World on newsstands now, features an insiders look at everything Ozzfest. From profiles of Ozzfest acts, to interviews with Judas Priest and Black Sabbath, this issue is every metal fan’s dream. The grand wizard of heavy metal, Tony Iommi, reflects on the very wicked world of Black Sabbath and Ozzie Osbourne determines what makes a guitar hero. The issue even includes a pull out poster of Ozzie and Iommi. Rob Halford assures his fans that Judas Priest are back! In “Dear Guitar Hero…” Slayer’s Kerry King answers questions from his fans. Also, GW checks out Coheed an Cambria and discovers the missing link between new-school punk and old school progressive rock.