New Sabbath Tribute CD on the Way

Got word recently about a new Black Sabbath tribute CD on the way. It’s from Argentina, and features a few things not seen in some previous Black Sabbath tribute albums..

  • A Spanish language cover
  • Songs from every era of Sabbath’s history (Ozzy, Dio, Ian Gillan, Glenn Hughes, Tony Martin)

Glenn Hughes appears on the tribute CD singing “No Stranger to Love”. Glenn plays with the South American band Rata Blanca. There’s a picture of Glenn with the Blanca guitarist below, and additionally I’ve been told that a video of them playing No Stranger to Love will also appear on the tribute CD.
At this moment, I do not have information on how to buy the CD, once I get that, I’ll be sure to pass it on. I’ve also created a discography page for this album, which you can reach here. On that page, you can download a two minute mp3 sample of Glenn & Rata on No Stranger to Love. While I don’t know any of the bands on this CD, the fact that it’s a varied selection of the songs is very promising.
Big thanks to Fernando Serani for all the info, the mp3, the picture, etc!

Glenn Hughes & Rata Blanca onstage – Dec 14, 2003