2005 Tour Update

Well, it looks like Sabbath is gearing up for more touring in 2005. Aside from my story the other day, there was a second festival mentioned, as well as a tour of the US and Europe (link).
It appears that Sabbath will be touring both Europe and the United States this summer. Whether this is part of Ozzfest, or on their own, I don’t know. Personally, I hope it’s on their own, so we can get a proper set list that isn’t just Iron Man / War Pigs / Paranoid.
No word on the actual band lineup (although I would assume it’s with Bill Ward) or whether it might be Adam Wakeman or Geoff Nicholls on keyboards. No dates or anything like that yet, but when I get them, they’ll be here.
However, oddly enough I still can’t get a formal confirmation of all this from band’s management. It’s starting to appear all over the place now, so there’s probably more to it than just a mistake at this point, but until I get an official word on it from band management, I’ll wait on creating a new tour page for it. However, once I do, I’ll be starting up again collecting tour advertisements, ticket stubs, things of that nature.