Black Sabbath & 2005 European Festivals

Overnight I got about 20-25 emails telling me about a news story on Blabbermouth saying Black Sabbath is “confirmed” to play Denmark’s Roskilde festival on June 30 to July 3 of this year. Additionally, there was a second article speculating that Sabbath also might play the UK Download festival.
Whenever I get news like this via email from fans, my first reaction is to try and confirm it myself through my contacts with the band. So I wrote to managment this morning asking “is this true?”, but haven’t gotten anything back that confirms the dates.
It would appear (at least right now, anyway) that these “confirmed” dates really aren’t confirmed based on the non reply I got. I will definitely stay on top of this and update my news story as need be with either a proper “confirmation” or a proper “denial”.
Stay tuned.