Psycho Man Video

The last full studio album Black Sabbath has released was 1995’s underrated Forbidden. However, the last studio output the band put out were the two tracks on 1998’s Reunion. These two tracks were titled “Selling My Soul”, and “Psycho Man”.
Neither of these got a music video made for them, however that has changed now. Sabbath fan Robert Jackson has created his own “music video” for Psycho Man. It’s got video from the classic thriller “Psycho” with the Psycho Man song running behind it. It’s actually fits the song quite well. Here’s some of Rob’s own words about the video..
I’m a film student at San Francisco State and over the break I’ve been taking apart famous scenes and tightening them up or rearranging them as little editing projects. I had an idea a few nights ago for a video. It’s about 28 meg, though. Any smaller than that and the quality was either going to go to hell or I was going to have to use a proprietary codec like Divx, so only people with broadband connections will probably want to check it out. It’s “Psycho Man” from the Sabbath reunion album. I had fun doing it. Hopefully you’ll have fun watching it. ;-)
BTW, this is obviously an educational project and not intended for any other purpose.

If you want to check it out, you can do so here. Additionally, you can leave feedback for Robert in this thread in our forums here at